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July Work Wear

August 2, 2020 No Comments

July Work Wear

August 2, 2020 No Comments

WOW. Long time, no work wear! haha. I started this monthly work wear series in January of this year and it was a great success. Who would have known it would come to a screeching halt just three months in. (Thank you COVID). Since my last work wear round up, I live in a new state and have a new home office for my backdrop!

If you weren’t around here at the beginning of the year, let me explain a little. Typically I snap a quick mirror picture of my daily work wear outfit, and at the end of each month I put all of those photos together into one blog post where you can easily shop each outfit. My goal is for you to not only be able to shop each outfit, but to also find inspo to create these looks with items you already have in your closet.

Since its a mix of people still working from home and others going back to on-site, I decided to also include some work from home outfits as well. These outfits are great if you need to be on any video calls because you’re still business up top for the camera but more comfortable on the bottom.

Disclaimer: I am not currently working at the moment. Blogging is my full time job until later this fall which means I am working from home everyday. However, I have had many requests to bring back the work wear posts and its something I have missed as well. Because of this, I am not actually wearing these outfits everyday, but these are 100% outfits I would wear if I were actually going into work.

Okay, enough chit chat, lets get to it!

Bookmark this page, and when you aren’t sure what to wear, hop on here and get some inspo!

Top (use code HANNAH10) | Skirt (similar) | Shoes | Belt
Pants (use code 3HANNAHTATE)| Top | Shoes | Headband
Top (use code 3HANNAHTATE) | Pants | Shoes (use code HANNAH10)
Dress (use code HANNAH15)| Shoes
Pants | Top (similar) | Shoes
Top (similar) | Skirt | Shoes (use code HANNAH10)
Top | Skirt (similar)| Shoes
Top | Pants | Shoes
Top | Blazer (use code 3HANNAHTATE)| Pants | Shoes
Skirt (use code 3HANNAHTATE)| Top | Shoes (similar)
Top | Pants | Shoes
Top | Skirt | Shoes (use code HANNAH10)

Work From Home:

Top (similar) | Shorts | Shoes (use code HANNAH10)
Top | Shorts (similar) | Blazer
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