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3 Steps To Make Your Morning Routine As Quick & Easy As Possible

February 25, 2020 No Comments

3 Steps To Make Your Morning Routine As Quick & Easy As Possible

February 25, 2020 No Comments

I am so not a morning person. I have tried and tried and tried, and mornings are just NOT for me! So I like to sleep to the very last minute possible, do the bare minimum, and run out the door. haha. Since starting my rotations for school and having to be places really early, I figured out that the best way to have an easy morning is to prepare. Prepare the night before. When I prep the night before, I can wake up and be out the door within 30 minutes (which also means more sleep time. YAY). So here are the steps I take to make my mornings quick and easy.

Outfit Prep

On Sundays, I put together work outfits for the week ahead and hang them on my rack so that I can easily just grab one and go. This makes life so much easier and cuts down on time. No more staring into the closet thinking I have nothing to wear. I don’t even have to think about it, just grab and go. I usually actually put together about 7 outfits just so I have a couple extras which allows me to decide what to wear based on the weather or my mood or whatever else is going on. Whatever outfits are left over at the end of the week, stay there for next week. It works out because then I also have a head start on outfit prep for the next week.

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Food Prep

Packing my lunch the night before saves sooooo much time! I just grab and go (just like my outfit). I go ahead put anything that doesn’t need refrigerated in my lunch box the night before and leave it sitting on the counter. I put anything cold back in the refrigerator (if I have multiple things I made sure they are stacked together), and then all I have to do is grab whatever is in the fridge, throw it in my lunch box, and I’m off. Not only does this save time, but it saves money. Its really hard to think about everything you want to bring when you’re rushing in the mornings. This gives you time to thick about what you want to bring for lunch plus snacks incase you get hungry. This keeps you from having to buy snacks because you packed everything you need.

Hair Prep

I always do my hair the night before. I have long, thick hair and it takes me an hour to style it. I would much rather be sleeping for an hour instead of doing my hair. haha. This is something I have been doing since high school! I curl, straighten, wash, dry, whatever needs to be done the night before. Now, the next morning the only thing I have to do is touch ups. Every time people hear this their first response is “oh I could never do that”, but give it a try! You would be surprised! I put my hair in a low and loose pony tail with a scrunchy at night to help my hair from getting all messed up. Using a scrunchy and keeping it loose, prevents a crease in my hair too. I’m not saying you’ll wake up with your hair perfectly in place and ready to go, but you will only have to touch up a few of the messed up pieces rather than having to style all of your hair.

If you follow these steps, you can even have more time for cuddles before work!
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