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How I Completely Transformed My Body In Just 30 Days

November 19, 2019 No Comments

How I Completely Transformed My Body In Just 30 Days

November 19, 2019 No Comments

Where to even begin… I guess my results would be a good start!

Here they are! These are my results after just 30 days. From beginning to end of the 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge. So much more changed with my body (for the better) than just what you see in these pictures. What you don’t see in the left picture is the fact that I suffered from chronic constipation, constant stomach cramps, and horrible bumps all over my arms due to a gluten allergy. In the right picture, I actually go to the bathroom regularly, lost all my bloat, and my bumps are nearly gone! If you’re not interest in weight loss, this program is still for you. That’s what I love about these products. Its NOT a weight loss program. The weight loss is just a super awesome added bonus!

I think these results speak for themselves, but you’re first question is probably, what the heck is this challenge? Well, I’m glad you asked!

What is the the 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge?

The 30 DTHL is a program that is built to cleanse your body from all the “crap” and repair your gut. Fun fact: your gut & your weight go hand-in-hand. Its all about getting healthy from the inside out.

It helps with energy, weight loss, digestive issues, mood, and so much more. You’re not counting calories or points, starving yourself for 18 hours, or any of the other crazy stuff. This program is built to cleanse your body of all the crap you’ve been putting in it, reset your gut, and teach you how to properly nourish your body. Its built to help you sustain the results you get during your 30 day challenge.

What do you get in the 30 Days Essentials Kit?

2 bags of protein (60 servings total)

1 bag of fiber

1 box of digestion plus

2 boxes of fizz sticks (60 packets total)

2 boxes of detox tea (40 tea bags total)

1 box of total body cleanse

+ 1 free gift of your choice

What do these products do?

Here’s a little graphic to explain…

How Do I Get Started?

This month its FREE to sign up! That means you can sing up as a “preferred client” for FREE. Being a preferred client means that you get 20-40% off all of the products (including the 30 day challenge) for an entire year.

Here’s a step by step on how to do it:

Go to my website:

  • Go to the register tab
  • Select Preferred Client
  • Add this “preferred client” to your cart (it should do this automatically)
  • Now you have the option to purchase the value pack of the program, saving you over $100!
  • Head to shop special offers –> click “arbonne special value packs for preferred clients” –> click “arbonne essentials special value pack”
  • From here you can customize your pack (pick your flavors & more)
  • After you customize your pack, select a free gift and head to checkout!
  • The “PC” registration will now be FREE, saving you the usual sign up fee of $30 plus 20-40% off the entire website for a whole year!

Now, these steps are just for the 30 day challenge, but you can still get the free sign up without the 30 day challenge. If this is something you’re interested in, please DM me on instagram or email me at so I can help ya out! You can purchase individual products, beauty and skincare packages, and more. So if you’re interested in anything else, please just hit me up!

I know you’ve just read a ton of info, but you have my email address and can always DM me, so ask me any questions you have any time! I tried to broadly cover all the bases, but I think I could write about 7 million blog posts on these products, haha, so I’m sure I’ve missed something.

I’ll leave you with one last thing: My sponsor is legit amazing! She’s my best friend and personal cheer leader. She pushes me and supports me every step of the way. If you decide to join my team, not only do you get me, but you get her too. She’s insanely successful and motivated, and I promise she is someone you want on your side!

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