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N Sale Favorites: Save Vs. Splurge

July 13, 2019 No Comments

N Sale Favorites: Save Vs. Splurge

July 13, 2019 No Comments

Nordstrom anniversary sale…. Tired of hearing about the sale yet? haha. So here’s the deal. The N-Sale is full of brand new items for fall on major sale. However, a lot of the items are still crazy expensive. I do snag a few items that I think are affordable and things I will get a lot of use out of, but that’s about as far as my N-Sale shopping goes. I think the N-Sale is a really great time to see upcoming fall trends though and I like to look through the items to kind of gauge what trends I’m in to and what I will want this upcoming season.

With all of that being said, I think you can still get the trend without the price. So, if you’re looking for really great quality, name brand, staple pieces that will last years, by all means, shop those pieces during this N-Sale. But, if you’re looking for trendy items at super affordable prices, then I’m your girl! I’ve out together this list of items from the N-Sale and have found dupes for half the price from other retailers.

**Items on the left are the more affordable option (click “save” to shop) and the items on the right are the more expensive items (click “splurge” if you wanna treat yo self)**


Plaid Top: Save ($20) vs Splurge ($46)

Leopard Sweater: Save ($20) vs Splurge ($49)

Blue Sweater: Save ($26) vs Splurge ($64)

Suede Jacket: Save ($43) vs Splurge ($126)

Teddy Jacket: Save ($22) vs Splurge ($59)

Cowneck Sweater: Save ($24) vs Splurge ($99)


Suede Skirt: Save ($15) vs Splurge ($64)

Free People Busted Knee Jeans: Save ($39) vs Splurge ($52)

Pleated Skirt: Save ($30) vs Splurge ($79)

Spanx Leggings: Save ($21) vs Splurge ($65)


Lace Dress: Save ($28) vs Splurge ($59)


Leopard Mule: Save ($26) vs Splurge ($55)

Slippers: Save ($19) vs Splurge ($55)

Leopard Platform Sneakers: Save ($24) vs Splurge ($70)

Snakeskin Booties: Save ($26) vs Splurge ($99)

Hard-sided Luggage Set: Save ($130) vs Splurge ($200)

Plaid Scarf: Save ($12) vs Splurge ($30)

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