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Easy Thanksgiving Day Outfits from Amazon

November 15, 2018 No Comments

Easy Thanksgiving Day Outfits from Amazon

November 15, 2018 No Comments

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?! I just can’t wrap my head around how fast this year is flying by. I thought I would share a few cute and comfortable outfits for Thanksgiving, perfect for walking around the kitchen looking fly. Haha!


This outfit is perfect for eating lots of turkey with these stretchy pants. Haha! I always like to dress in layers for Thanksgiving so I can bundle up for the cold, but take layers off as the house gets hot from cooking and laughing with family. This one is a great way to be super comfy and still cute for all the pictures we love to take with loved ones!


Don’t forget to wear holes in your jeans so your grandparents can say something like “my goodness girl, did you buy your pants with holes in them? I coulda got ya some for free.” …. not that I’ve heard this exact saying or anything. Ha! Another perfect layering option, plus you can easily role up the sleeves on this flannel and still look adorable.


This top is available in 5 colors and is so comfortable. Throw it on with a bralette for the ultimate cozy outfit. Pair it with these moto leggings for super comfort or with jeans. Either way, you’ll be cute and comfortable.


Last, but definitely not least. You are looking at my Thanksgiving day outfit! Yes, this is what I’ll be wearing on Thanksgiving day and I’m probably over prepared since I have my outfit a week in advance (that’s just how I am haha). Since I’ve already told you, just go ahead and act surprised when I post my “Happy Turkey Day” picture in this exact outfit. Haha. I absolutely love this outfit. This vest pairs perfect with the top and the colors are perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I hope you found your Thanksgiving day outfit with this post whether you shop these items or just got inspiration to shop your own closet! Either way I’m sure everyone will be walking around looking fly in the kitchen. Haha!


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