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The Perfectly Affordable & Personalized Christmas Gift

November 7, 2018 No Comments

The Perfectly Affordable & Personalized Christmas Gift

November 7, 2018 No Comments

I’m going to tell you all about this awesome gift idea! I truly adore this company and their products. If you want a gift that can be added on to each year, this one is perfect!


First things first, the company is called PopCharms and they sell customizable bracelets. You can shop their website HERE. Y’all know I’m all about affordability and this brand fits into that objective perfectly. The bracelets are $30 and the charms are only $5-$6.

I think this would be a perfect gift for Christmas that could continue to be added onto throughout different occasions. For example, you could buy the bracelet for Christmas and a charm for their birthday, Easter, engagement, wedding, graduation, etc. The bracelet itself would be a great gift and the charms would be the perfect stocking stuffer.


Another thing I love about these bracelets is how you can tell a story. Their mission statement really explains better than I ever could so I’ll leave their mission here:

“Our mission is to remind women that their life is significant and one of a kind. In busy day to day life it is easy to let this slip away. We give women an easy and fashionable way to wear their story as a daily reminder that they are unique and their accomplishments, memories, momentous events, milestones, and victories have all been woven together to create their own story, shaping them into who they are today”.


I absolutely love their mission and all it stands for! So, here is my story:

Moon: This represents my sister. My sister & I have matching sun & moon tattoos and she is represented by the moon in our tattoo.

Cross: This represents my salvation and faith in Jesus.

Anchor: This represents my engagement as Derek proposed on the top deck of a cruise ship.

Mrs: This obviously represents the fact that I’m married. Haha. (P.S. this would be an awesome gift for a bride to be!)

Paw print: This represents the fact that I’m a crazy cat mom to my four cat children.

Camera: This represents my blog.


I truly love my bracelet and think you will too. I know I would love to receive this as a Christmas gift!


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