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1 Year Anniversary Pictures + Newlywed Game

August 16, 2018 No Comments

1 Year Anniversary Pictures + Newlywed Game

August 16, 2018 No Comments


Derek & I had a wonderful first anniversary. We celebrated by seeing The Little Mermaid Musical, dinner with my parents, & donuts! My sister took our anniversary pictures & did an awesome job. She’s not a photographer, she just takes really great pics! Ha. We ate a piece of our year old wedding cake & was extremely surprised by how good it still tasted. Haha. So, in honor of our anniversary, we played a mini version of the newlywed game & here are our answers.

My Questions:

Who initiated the first kiss?

Me: Me.

D: Me…. well, probably Hannah.

What would your husband say he’d most like to see you take a course in?

Me: Cooking.

D: Cooking.

What is your husband’s all time favorite movie? 

Me: Fight Club or something Starwars.

D: Fight Club.

What percent of the housework does your husband do?

Me: 45% (I definitely give hime more credit than he gives himself).

D: 30%

If your husband could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Me: Probably a big city like maybe NYC.

D: LA or Tokyo or maybe somewhere in the alps.

What do you think your husband’s favorite thing about you is?

Me: Maybe my smile. I really don’t know. Haha.

D: Her intelligence. (<– awwh, dis was sweet)

What would your husband’s dream job be?

Me: Something laid back like working at a golf course or something or maybe as some big shot in an office somewhere.

D: astronaut or pro golfer. (Haha, this sounds like a 5 year old’s answer).

Derek’s Questions: 

What is your wife’s favorite TV show?

D: Gossip Girl is definitely number one, but she loves so many shows.

Me: Gossip Girl or  The Vampire Diaries.

At what sport is your wife better at than you?

D: Bowling

Me: Air hockey

What is the most your wife has ever paid for a pair of shoes? 

D: $150

Me: $49.99 ( ^^ like who does he think I am?! haha).

What do you think your wife’s favorite thing is about you?

D: My humor or my cooking.

Me: How sweet he is and his humor.

What is your wife’s favorite household chore?

D: laundry.

Me: laundry.

What is a huge fear your wife has?

D: Getting gas.

Me: Our bedroom closet (I obviously have random, irrational fears. Haha.)

What does your wife do that always makes you laugh?

D: The fact that she doesn’t know where anything is on a map at all.

Me: When I try to talk about geography.


I hope you have an awesome weekend! Comment below if you’ve played this game with your significant other!



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