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10 Things To Buy Before Your Next Cruise

August 5, 2018 No Comments

10 Things To Buy Before Your Next Cruise

August 5, 2018 No Comments

If you know me, you know I love cruising. Derek and I are going on a cruise very soon for our one year anniversary and I can’t wait! As I am preparing for our trip, I thought I would share some items that are must-haves for a cruise. I’ve listed 10 items you need to buy before your next cruise. I promise it will make your trip so much better!

Full Face Snorkeling Mask – This mask is a serious game changer. I don’t care how funny I look, it is totally worth it. It is so easy to use and makes snorkeling even more enjoyable. This mask is my number one recommendation! I got introduced to this mask for the first time on a cruise in 2016 and they have grown in popularity like crazy. You definitely won’t be the only one wearing this mask. 

Cruise Luggage TagsThe cruise line will send you e-luggage tags for you to print and staple onto your luggage. I always worry that they will somehow rip off and my luggage will be lost. These clear tag holders keep the worry away. They secure your tags so you don’t have to worry about them getting torn off. They’re pretty inexpensive and can be used over & over again so they’re definitely worth it in my book. 

2-Pack Cruise Lanyard Your room card is your everything on a cruise. Haha. It is your credit card, passport, access key, literally everything. You need to have it with you pretty much 24/7 so the best way is to keep it around your neck. Pretty much any lanyard will work. I chose these because they’re cute and cruise themed (obvi), but also because of the clip. Its easier to have a lanyard that clips so you can easily hand your card over without having to take the lanyard off your neck. 

8 Pack Beach Towel ClipsTowel clips are essential for sea days. When the wind is fierce, you spend half of your day fighting with your towel. I linked these from Amazon, but I just recently found a hack from the dollar tree. The dollar tree has 6 pack large laundry clips that work the exact same (just not as pretty haha).

6 Set Packing CubesAn organizers dream. These packing cubes are helpful for any trip but especially cruises since rooms are so compact. It is easy to take these cubes out, store them in the closet or drawers, then stuff that huge suitcase under the bed. Its a great space saver plus its great for separating dirty and clean clothes on the way home. 

Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger I bought this as soon as I got home from my first cruise. I think anyone who has been on a cruise could attest to this one. Just trust me when I say, make this purchase. It will come in handy!

3Pcs Clear Cosmetic Bag These are great to throw in the bag that you plan to take to the pool or islands. I like to keep my sunscreens in one just in case they would spill. Its also great to put your wallet/phone/passport/etc to keep from getting wet or sandy. 

Downy Wrinkle Release Spray So this one is obvious & doesn’t need explaining. Some people bring small travel steamers but wrinkle release spray is just easier. 

24 Pocket Clear Hanging OrganizerAnother space saver. Hang this in your room for all your toiletries, shoes, whatever will fit. Like I said before, cabins are cramped so any space saver is wonderful. I usually fill this with all of my hair products, lotions, and any larger bottles to keep them neat and out of the way.

Magnetic Hooks These hooks can be used with the hanging organizer above or by themselves. They can be helpful to use to hang up wet bathing suits & towels. They’re super inexpensive and worth it. I promise you’ll find a use for them somewhere. 

These are all items that I will be packing for our cruise in a few weeks. These items aren’t necessary and you’ll still have a great time without them, but they are items that I promise will make your life easier. After cruising with these items, I don’t think I could go without them! Most of these items are pretty inexpensive too so why not give them a try. I really think you will be impressed with how much smoother your trip goes.

Happy Sailing!



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