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10 Reasons Why Your Sister is Your Best Friend

May 19, 2018 No Comments

10 Reasons Why Your Sister is Your Best Friend

May 19, 2018 No Comments

If you have a sister, consider yourself blessed. There is no friendship like a friendship between sisters. Personally, growing up, my sister and I were not that close. We actually hated each other in high school years. She was four years younger than me which means when I was a senior, she was a freshman… talk about a rough year. After I graduated we grew closer, and after I moved we really became the absolute best of friends.

Not every one is lucky enough to have a sister, and you are truly fortunate if you were given a forever best friend. Here are 10 reasons why your sister is your best friend:

1) She is the only one who truly understands your family

When your family does something totally crazy. When they get on your nerves. When they hurt your feelings. Your sister is the only one who understands your entire family and knows exactly how you feel.


2) She will tell you the truth…. the cold hard truth

Does this shirt make me look fat? Is my hair okay? Do you think he’s the one for me? She will tell you the truth, good or bad! She’ll also let you know when your life is way off track and make sure you get it back together.

3) She loves you despite your flaws

When you totally suck. When you go through that super awkward brace face phase. When you’re super moody. When you dress up in underwear and hooker boots…… She still loves you.


4) She is your riding partner

Remember when you went on family vacation and rode roller coasters? How terrible would it be if you had to be a single rider! Well, you can thank your sister for never having to ride alone. You always had a built in vacation buddy.

5) She is the only person you can love and hate at the same exact time

Lets be honest, its not all sunshine and rainbows. You’re going to argue, but no matter how much you fight, you still love her. Your sister is the only person in the world that you can be so mad at you want to strangle but also love her so much you would give your own life for her at the same time.


6) She is your only ally against your parents 

When you’re parents make you mad, don’t give you what you want, or ground you for absolutely no reason at all (lol), you’re sister is the only one on your side. She will agree with you that “mom and dad are being totally unreasonable” and that “you should so totally be allowed to go to that party” because “its not that big of a deal.”

7) She is the only one you are truly stuck with

Things can happen and you can stop being friends with someone. You can divorce your spouse. You can lose touch with cousins. But you can’t separate from your sister. You have a literal blood bond with your sister that no one else can compare to or understand.


8) She supports you in all you do (good or bad)

She may not always agree, but she will stand behind you in anything. Your sister is there for you in anything you do in life. Even if she doesn’t like what you’re doing or necessarily agree with it, she will still support you. Even if that means she has to pick up the pieces in the end.

9) She keeps all your secrets 

She has allllll the secrets and she’s not afraid to use them. She will take your secrets to the grave but she’ll also hold them over your head when she needs to. Its a give and take kinda thing.


10) She is always there for you 

When you need to vent, cry, talk, or simply just sit in silence together, she’s there. She will always be there! Because although you may be as different as night and day, your world wouldn’t revolve without her.




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