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How I Lost 20lbs in 2 Months

May 17, 2018 No Comments

How I Lost 20lbs in 2 Months

May 17, 2018 No Comments

Yes, you read that title right… I lost 20lbs in just two months, and I am here to tell you how.


I was newly married and still in school, studying crazy hours, eating whatever I wanted, not exercising at all, and the weight caught up with me. I ended up gaining about 25lbs in 5 months, and I was miserable! I was so unhappy. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. I didn’t want my picture taken, ever! I felt like crap everyday, and I was tired 24/7. I finally decided I couldn’t live that way anymore and took action.

I joined Weight Watchers. I chose the online plus option. I downloaded the app and started my journey. When I downloaded the app, I was prompted to enter my current weight, height, age, activity level, etc. and then I had to enter my goal weight. (As of today, May 17th, I am only 6lbs from my goal). The app then calculates how many points you should be eating each day. I, for example, was given 23 smart points a day. You are also given weekly pointsplus which are basically freebie points. I personally do not use my weekly points, so I can’t really tell you much about them. I stick strictly to my 23 smart points a day.

I drink lots & lots & lots of water! My daily goal is to drink 90oz of water. If you have an iPhone, you can actually track your water intake right on your built in health app! On the same note of drinking water, don’t drink your calories! I was absolutely shocked when I first started WW and saw how many points Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea are. Be conscious of what you’re drinking just as much as you are what you’re eating,

I also got up and got active! I don’t go to the gym everyday (or any day actually haha). I don’t have some insane fitness routine, but I do stay active. Every day I walk or run about 3 miles in the evening. Once or twice a week I take about an 8 mile bike ride (which is death every time). I also just generally try to stay moving. Anywhere I go, I park at the end of the parking lot to get more steps in. If I am at work, I make multiple trips back and forth throughout the office even if I could have done what I needed to in just one trip. I eat lunch at my desk while working then take my actual lunch break to take a quick walk. I choose stairs over the elevator as much as possible wherever I am. If I feel like I’ve been sitting too long, I walk around the house simply just to stay moving.

(Yes, my apple watch is cracked. I cracked the screen 6 days after my husband bought it for me. Luckily, he didn’t kill me.) 

Staying active has definitely helped me feel better physically and emotionally, but I personally don’t think that my exercise is the key to success. I believe it is 80% food and 20% exercise. Something that has really helped me stay strong on my diet is this…. “Junk food you wanted for an hour vs. the body you wanted for years.” This simple quote has stuck in my head through this entire process because it is so true. The food simply isn’t worth it! I would much rather feel confident in my own skin than enjoy a cupcake for 5 minutes.

So my results? I have officially lost 23lbs from March 25th to May 17th. Here are some of my non-scale results…


I was living in double chin city! haha IMG_0239

Left: Taken in December

Right: Taken just a couple weeks ago  IMG_1783

Left: fitting back into a size 4!

Right: wearing a size 8 (I also looked miserable in this pic because I was truly miserable)

I hope you find some inspiration in this post! I am no health and fitness guru but this is how I became a better me. If you have any question or want to know more, leave me a comment! 🙂




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